Cielo Pill Holders – Waterproof Slim Single Chamber Stainless Steel Keychain Pill Fob



Wouldn’t it be nice if reaching for your medication actually gave you a reason to smile? Cielo Pill Holders are thoughtfully designed to make you feel better, just like the medicines they contain. Sure you can use plastic, throw-away versions of this everyday item, but do you really want to? Just like nice sunglasses or a good wallet, Cielo Pill Holders transform an ordinary item into something that makes you feel good every time you use it.


“I wanted something classy that doesn’t announce I’m sick or have a problem. They are built like a Swiss bank vault, and look like fine jewelry.” Cielo Pill Holders are top selling pill holders on Amazon for one simple reason: After buying the first one most customers come back and buy more. Not just for themselves, but as gifts too, because you only begin to appreciate how marvelous they are once you hold them in your hand. Unquestionably beautiful. Fun to hold. Supremely functional. Buy one today and you’ll wonder why you ever settled for plastic. Cielo has been featured by Vogue and Good Housekeeping.




Features :

  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE: Medical grade stainless steel design so tough, you can run it over with a car and it won’t break
  • 100% WATERPROOF: Thanks to an O-ring and finely milled threads so precisely constructed you can even scuba dive with it
  • DIMENSIONS: Diameter – 0.5 inches; Height – 2.3 inches; Weight 1.0 ounce
  • LOCALLY MADE IN THE USA & MISSION DRIVEN: 5% of all proceeds donated to the Benaroya Research Institute in Seattle, dedicated to searching for a cure to autoimmune illnesses
  • KEYCHAIN FRIENDLY: Optimal capacity means it’s small enough to hang right on your keychain, so you never forget your pills. (Made in a range of sizes, so you can pick the best size for your medication);Inner Diameter: 0.5 inches; Cylinder Height: 1.8 inches; Total Height: 2.25 inches; 1.0 ounces




Cielo Pill Holders Price: $25.00 & FREE Shipping on orders over $49.




The Slim Single Chamber Pill Holder is the cornerstone of our Slate Collection. Our original 100% stainless steel design combines supreme utility with understated style. Its weight in your hand demonstrates unmistakable commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Cielo Pill Holders are virtually indestructible – they’re made of medical grade stainless steel with a design so tough, you can run it over with a car and it won’t break. We work with the best American suppliers we can find so that we can bring you the most exceptional pill holders you’ve ever seen. “This high quality pill holder is finely milled out of great stainless steel, it feels like it will be part of my estate in a few decades!”







  • Capacity – 9 aspirin sized pills
  • Inner Diameter – 0.50 inches
  • Chamber Height – 1.75 inches
  • Total Height – 2.25 inches
  • Material – Stainless steel
  • Weight – 1.0 ounces



Every purchase from Cielo Pill Holders supports research to cure autoimmune disease. We proudly donate 5% of our proceeds to Benaroya Research Institute – a global leader in autoimmune research. Medical research at BRI has resulted in major advances against 80+ diseases of the immune system. Because autoimmune diseases are connected, so is the way BRI is fighting them. They collaborate and cooperate between researchers, across clinical studies and with other institutions and apply laboratory breakthroughs to improve disease prediction, advance treatments and eventually to find a cure. As one of the more than 16 million Americans who’s battling an autoimmune condition, I couldn’t be happier to use Cielo to help BRI.



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