This Is Why You Must Use the ‘Night Shift’ Mode – If You Use iPhone, iPad Usually at Night.



The use of electronic devices at night may become the last activities of your day. Many people may not know that playing the phone at night will affect the brain very dangerously. Normally, the brain will recognize that when the brain begins to relax at night by a substance called “melatonin”, the substance that control your life’s clock. Initially, it was determined that the time is bedtime or when it is time to wake up based on the sun itself. This substance is secreted at 21:00. This means that your body should get a rest or sleep in this period. As we describe in the figure above.

Because this substance is affected by blue light. When the brain is response the blue light pass through the eye. The brain does not secrete melatonin that is why you are not sleepy while you use smartphone. But it usually does not affect the people who use of glasses which can protect the light blue (like me ^^)

So, the ‘Night Shift’ mode of iPad/iPhone will take this role for the poeple who use iPad/iPhone at night. Because the Night Shift mode will reduce the blue light from the screen. The warm lighting, which make the secretion of melatonin. So, the brain wants to relax and sleep. And in addition, the lower the blue light, the more protective for your eyes. For those who want to know how to turn on ‘Night Shift’ mode on the iPhone. Jusct click here ‘s how to enable it > to activate the Night Shift.



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