Earphone Tricks – Easy DIY to Keep Your Earbuds Tangle-Free.



It’s true:. Headphones/Earphone with their cords always get tangled.

If you listen to music on your way to work or to contact the neighbor with Skype, you need to use earphones in “the ready”. But when you take them out of your bag, backpack, or purse, they usually were found tangled the ball of wires. Yes, we all have the same problem. Lucky for you, we have obtained 5 story ideas ‘Earphone Tricks’, DIY to keep your earbuds tangle-free.

‘DIY’ have I mention that for you, I really love DIY to solve problem. Because it’s free (may you have to pay a little bit for something like glue, colour paper etc.) And many things around you, you may not know they’re usable untill you realize the idea by DIY posts.



Old Prescription Bottles: Sure, it looked a little bored, and not the glory of your time when you have a terrible cold. But Sprucing DIY of this, you can reuse these small bottle of prescription for your headphones’s wires. You’ll never be “sick” and tired of your earbuds getting tangled again.



Travel Size Q- tips Containers: If you do not have any of these containers placed around the house, heading to the pharmacy, they cost only $ 1 DIY feel free to go on to add cute stickers your own.



Altoids Tin Cord Keepers: Keep your earphones are in mint condition with this DIY. Altoids cans for storing any type because they are compact and durable. They’re a little drab, but this DIY lets you open one is more personal and fun.



Clips Binder: What binder clip can do? It keep the wires on lock. The line in this case will never get tangled.



Clothespin Cable Tidy: Yes, bring the tape Washi Clothespins are really common! But we see that as an opportunity to decorate and customize your headset to provide this DIY shabby Chic Look in no time.





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