[To Give You a Better Night’s Sleep] How to Turn on the ‘Night Shift’ Mode on iPhone.



New feature in iOS 9.3 allows users to set a time in the evening when their phone changes colours to block out rest-ruining blue light at night (also can in a day) Today’s we will take a look at how to enable it. First, users will need to update to iOS 9.3. When the update is complete, we can turn on Night Shift by drag up special traction Control Center. Click the eye icon, it will now enable the Night Shift.




Setting Night Shift : We can set the Night Shift by goto Settings> Display & Brightness> Night Shift. You will see 3 menu you can set.

  • Schedule: The schedule for on/off Night Shift mode – if not set off Night Shift and Night Shift on, it will be open all the time, until the user set it off (Manual). In this section, we can also set it to turn on/off at the time of sunset/sunrise.
  • Manually Enable Until Tomorrow : This mean it’s on until tomorrow (and off itself automatically).
  • Color Temperature : Warm tone for the Night Shift – More Warm is more yellow /and Less Warm is less yellow screen.



Whoever like to use iPhone at night, it is recommended to use this mode as well. For me, After two days using Night Shift, I slept like a log both nights – though that may also be tied to a preceding run of evenings where I didn’t get a lot of sleep and was residually very tired. It’s not clear whether correlation and causation are sleeping together, yet.



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