Easy to Take 360 Degrees Photo Sphere with Theta Camera, Simple but Cool !!

Take 360 Degrees Photo Sphere with Theta

“Theta” the 360 Degrees Camera

Ricoh launches “Theta” the 360 degrees camera lens with greatly empowers us selfie or taking away the atmosphere surrounding landscape. The same feature images from photo sphere on Google Camera! However, this can take a picture because it was more convenient than having to move or moving the camera yet! To do this, Theta came with dual lenses on both the front and back of it. So we capture a 360-degree screen comfortably, and also support to shoot video clips and photo sphere up to 3 minutes.

This Ricoh Theta is the 2nd version model, which are different from previous versions, by far, it has improved the speed of sharing images via Wifi to hold up as well as the application was supported by the Android operating system on it!

Take 360 Degrees Photo Sphere with Theta

Theta is a small camera with it’s dimension, 1.65 x 5.08 x .9 inches and weigh around 20 pounds. But if you judge it by its small size, you wrong. Theta function as almost every mainstream digital camera can do, but the display is required to connect to an application locally on your smart phone via Wifi image before shooting, setting, record and share pictures to social media. But my personal opinion, video clips can be tricky me because It can not be transfer via Wifi, but only connect to the computer.

Take 360 Degrees Photo Sphere with Theta

The overall look of this camera does not have anything complicated. The camera on the front with the shutter button, the 2nd camera lens on the back, the right is the on – off press button to connect to Wi-Fi, the top two will have mic. And the bottom will have room to plug the camera to a tripod and port microUSB.

Theta comes with an internal memory of 4GB. ISO is between 100-1600. Shutter speed 1/8000 – 1/1.75 seconds. All at prices around $300 USD.

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