Nixie Accessories to Wear Comes with Cool Idea – Wearable Became Drone

The Nixie is a 4-rotor drone with a small camera affixed to the body

Earlier this year, Intel has initiated a project competition “Make it Wearable challenge” to allow the participants to try create wearable device on style with no one ever thought of doing before! Which until now this competition project have 10-team in final tournament, one of the 10 teams that came with ideas innovate a wearable device ideas ‘over the ground’. Their device call ‘Nisie Drone’ the wearable device which can act like a drone, yes I mean, it’s can fly!!!
The Nixie is a 4-rotor drone with a small camera affixed to the body, allowing us to take photographs and video. It like a cameraman’s been following you everywhere at every event, be it a track shooting video for us while spinning, bike or even while you’re climbing.

But if when we do not want to use the Nixie in drone mode. We can attatch it on your hand in the form of a wristband at all. If you want to use it again, just to let you Nixie flown from the wrist to take a photo or video immediately.
The “Make it Wearable Challenge” project will end in early November, I think, I love this gadget, this is innovative and cool ideas. The winner of this challenge will earn $500,000 and the support build creative works to market.

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