Fighting Crimes with Google Glass

Fighting Crimes with Google Glass

NYPD testing Google Glass as potential crime fighting tool

The NYPD testing outfitting cops with Google Glass so a suspect’s life story can flash right before their eyes, just like you can see from sci-fi movie. But now, it’s in the early stages, and as you know, A handful of people are testing it out.
The high-tech glasses like google glass integrate a computerized interface into the wearer’s field of vision. Allow cops to instantly see a suspect’s arrest record, mugshot and other key information. If it works, it could be very beneficial for a cop on patrol who walks into a building with these glasses on. Google Glass App Identifies Everyone With Criminal Records Using Facial Recognition

Fighting Crimes with Google Glass

Fighting Crime With Google Glass in Dubai

Policeman and detectives in Dubai are about to get some high-tech, wearable help in the fight against crime. Dubai’s police department plans to distribute Google Glass to law enforcers. The software that developed internally enables cops to connect a database of wanted people with the glass, It’s cool.
As part of a plan to make Dubai’s police force the “smartest in the world” by 2018, according to Reuters, the police department in the country wants to equip beat officers — and eventually, its detectives — with Google Glass running customized facial recognition software.
The rollout, however, appears to be moving slowly. The four Google Glass headsets in the Dubai police department are mostly being used to catch traffic offenders.

Fighting Crime With Google Glass and CommandCentral Predictive

Google Glass tied into PublicEngines Market Leading CommandCentral Predictive Analytics Solution is the Ultimate Killer App for Law Enforcement Officials Everywhere. Now, Field Officers Can View Crime Predictions In a Dynamic, Real Time Environment.

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