Coming Soon Gameloft Game Compatible With iOS 8 Metal – Gods of Rome!!!

Gods of Rome, Gameloft Coming Soon

If anyone saw the launch event of iPad Air 2 and the Apple iPad Mini 3. You’ll see Apple talk about game Asphalt 8 is compatible with Metal. And another game that compatible with Metal that will launching soon is “Gods of Rome” The picture you’ve seen above is just awesome How to play the game … Will meet soon ^ – ^. Gods of Rome will coming soon to smartphones and tablets. Not sure for java but they may. The game similar genre as God of War / Hero of Sparta / Immortals. I have no official description or screenshots of the game but it is coming soon! Currently there is no information about the game in general any except the vague images that can hardly be called even teaser. Your assumption that it could be? Slashers in the style of God of war? Or Gameloft impressed and inspired the design of Crytek, which pays for Microsoft, so he got into the starting lineyuku games for Xbox One and remained exclusive to this console … (talking about RYSE: Son of Rome)
In the picture depicts the Colosseum and the gladiator, which means that most likely we are waiting for something like I, Gladiator. Incidentally, December 5th goes Assassin’s Creed Pirates and its price will be $ 4.99. If anything, the network has predreliznogo trailer with the release date. And yes, still there will be only shipping and no movement on land, but without it the game looks interesting and very beautiful.

iOS 8 Metal is a brand new technology from Apple that aims to let developers create immersive, console like gaming experiences on the iOS 8 devices like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Apple’s last operating system iOS 7 used OpenGL ES, which sits between the game and the core Apple A7 processor that runs the game. OpenGL translates functions into graphics commands that are then sent to the hardware. 

But, the problem is that there’s a load of overhead with OpenGL ES, which limits the graphical prowess of iOS 7. That’s where iOS 8 Metal comes into play. Metal according to Apple gets the games “close to the metal” (i.e. the hardware itself), making those graphic commands a lot slicker and faster than with OpenGL ES. Metal is aimed at game developers looking to push the performance of iOS 8, both on the older A7 processor and the new A8 CPU within the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus . There’s the new SceneKit for casual game makers, but it’s Metal that is going to make the difference. 

You’ve also got to remember that Metal will be even better on the new 64-bit Apple A8 processor, with its 60 per cent graphics performance and 25 per cent speed boost improvements. With Metal, Apple has given developers the tools to take mobile gaming to the next level. 

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