Smartphones Will Become Eye Clinics Soon – Project of Gadget That Diagnoses Eye Problem

Smartphones Will Become Eye Clinics Soon

The combination of technologies and smartphone capabilities, it can provide more variety of gadget that is useful in your life in several aspects, as entertainment, fashion, IT, or even Medical. You will see soon, in the future, the interaction of technology development will use smartphones that could become “Eye Testing Clinic”. This project pioneered in New York start-up. The initiatives of this project, by ‘Smart Vision Labs’, developed the device call “an autorefractor”, this device can clipped to your smartphone to calculate whoever having eyes problems with either their long- or short-sight.
And the second device they have developed call “an aberrometer” with the ability to diagnose the people with double vision eye problem. How can the device do something like I’ve said…. The device can use the camera of your phone to take the pictures of the eye and use that pictures to calculate and study using accompanying software.
The company will be used to help diagnose vision problems and hopes for the technology to prevent the development of eye diseases in developing countries. It has been confirmed that it did not bring its affiliates in many developing countries, the American founders said they plan to make the device available to the company in the midst of developing countries at a reduced price. An “unavailable” Zhou said co-founder Yaopeng New Scientist. “We see this as a great way to change the way people get their sons and glasses.”

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