China Solution to City Sidewalk – ‘Cell Phones’ and ‘No Cell Phones’ Walking Lane in Chongqing City

Many people would have no problem walking down the street in the morning or evening rush hour. See these people who walk the talk, texting or phone make some people uncomfortable. They don’t care the situation around them, how orther people have their rush hour. I sometimes feel frustrated that I’d walk the other way, why mobile. It seems that this problem is not just only in your town. It spread to several countries, including China. The pedestrian lane is divided into two parts. For humans the dedicated telephone Laughing out loud. But do not be mistaken in China, every city is going to do all that. This is a photo from Chongqing, one of China’s five largest cities. There are lines on the road, “Foreigner Street”, which is this idea in China is not the first time. At the city of Washington, DC, but it is only a social experiment (Social Experiment) by National Geographic.

Social Experiment for Television
No Cellphone walking lane created on Washington D.C. sidewalk as a social experiment for television. A “No cellphone” lane has been created on a sidewalk in Washington D.C., as part of a social experiment for a television show. The show, which will air on the National Geographic Channel, wants to segregate the sidewalk with one area of concrete reserved for those who are concentrating on where they are going, with a focus on what is in front of them. The other portion of the sidewalk is for those who are constantly looking down at their smartphone screen, oblivious to others. This lane was sub-divided for texters and talkers.

The television show is tentatively titled “Mind Over Masses,” and those who observed the filming said that hardly anyone observed the signage on the sidewalk, except those who stopped to take a picture of it. And of course, there were those who were too busy staring at their phones or talking or texting, to view the directions.

Secretary Irene Fadakar had the typical reaction. She noticed the division of the sidewalk at the beginning of the street. But less than a block later, she was talking on her cellphone, right in the middle of the “No cellphones allowed” lane.

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