a Chinese Young Man Claims that He Just Sit on iPhone6 Plus, It’s Twisted and The Screen was Broken.

Many people still have questions about the durability of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that the unit’s thickness is very thin. If we sit on it by accident, it will bend or break? Recently, a young Chinese man had posted a picture on Weibo, he claim that this picture is his iPhone6 Plus was twtsting and cracked on screen as you can see on this photo. And he has comment on the matter “This is the condition of the iPhone6 Plus after I sat on it”

That is all information that young Chinese was posted on Weibo. Which we take a look on his iPhone in that photo, I’m still not 100% believe that it twisted and collapsed like that just from sitting on it. Because if you take a look on the right up of his iPhone, you will see that it similar to tearing, that it may more than one incident happened to this iPh0ne.

What do you think about the incident, iPhone6 ​​Plus is easily broken or not? Just feel free to comment on this blog ^^.

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