7 Steps to Take a Great Selfie – These Tips and Techniques Won’t Let You Down

These Selfies Tips Won't Let You Down
To take Selfie, Now aday it’s become a popular trend of young people, social network then another and now the new mobile phone also has applications and filters for this trend to download more. It makes you enjoy the pictures and shapes are endless. Some people may not know a good trick to shoot selfie. So today I love to share simple but effective 9 step to make your Selfie shot outstanding, pretty, and so many of your friends will love to like it on facebook. Maybe you could become a hot girl that’s amount LIKE overwhelming on social network.
These Selfies Tips Won't Let You Down

1. Check Your Face and Your Good Looking Clothes before Snap

If your clothes was not ready, your hair is mess, and how about your eyeliner, does it look like a panda eyes? Let’s face the mirror a little bit, arranged your clothes as well.

These Selfies Tips Won't Let You Down

2. Check Background a Little Bit.
Another thing that many people often overlook when make selfie shot is background behind them. It is another part to help make your photos come out perfectly to go up quite a bit. If the background is a pile of clothes to be laundered and look dirty, or a toilet and sink in the bathroom. It will not look good. so just check backgroud before taking a shot.
These Selfies Tips Won't Let You Down
3. Adjust the Brightness of the Light. 

Even if you make up to make you as beautiful as you want, but If you are at a place that is so dark I can not see anything, I’m pretty unfinished, it is worthless. So look around and turned all the light on. Then gives a beautiful selfies, maybe you do not want iPhone’s photo applications to do more.

These Selfies Tips Won't Let You Down
4. To Be Confident
The good and beautiful pictures is related to the fact that you have confidence in yourself or not. To take selfie among many of your friends, poses in beautiful action, just be confident. You will not regret it, your pretty confident that it’s posted on Facebook, the most attractive element.
These Selfies Tips Won't Let You Down
5. Make Sure You Taken Several Shots
Camera or mobile phone have memory card that can store hundreds of photos. So do not be afraid to waste the memory card. Just take multiple selfies shots, then you can pick the good pics afterwards. You will see a lot of yourself selfies to choose to post to Instagram.
6. Off the Flash Before Shooting 

However, natural light, it makes the most beautiful selfie. So turn off the flash before shooting better than plasma cells. Even if you take selfie with mirror, the flashing lights that reflect with the mirror will cover all your face.

7. Use the Filters App

Even if you take your selfies and think it’s perfect. But if you put up a glowing filters to image, you will see that the filter can make different emotions out. So do not be afraid that people would tease you a composer’s reputation. It’s better if you use filter so just do it.

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