A Look Through Sony’s Head Mounted Display – CES 2014

IGN.Com try on Sony’s new wearable HDTV, which can connect with your phones and consoles. In my opinion, It’s design is better than Oculus Rift. But the thing I’ve concern is that Oculus is made for gaming by gamers at affordable prices, but this is made for rich people, that dont wanna go cinema and get mixed up with poor people. So, how about Sony’s marketing plan? We don’t know yet. It might be expensive but it does look lighter and cooler. 
Some things they need to do first:
   1.) Make sure the screens within the headset are similar to those in the oculus rift. In that, they cover both your eyeballs entirely. As if you’re actually within the game/movie you’re watching. It has to be fully immersive, and OLED screens would be great (like the oculus rift).
   2.) Market the headset not only for entertainment, but also specifically for gaming. If Sony can market this the way i know they can it will be successful. Just design it for gaming specifically. The multimedia stuff will come naturally.
   3.) To make this something people will pick over the rift, add features the oculus rift does not have. Have built in speaker/mic. With state of the art technology (7.1 digital surround sound, etc), and the mic would be for online gaming. Make it so the battery life is long and efficient, to make this headset portable. Make it compatible with all devices, not just Sony devices.
   4.) Bundle it with other products, such as TV’s or gaming consoles, to further grow the install base. Sell it with blu-ray players, home theater/entertainment systems, anything to make people more interested in it
   5.) Lower the price significantly. 1000$ is a joke. I’m already assuming they’re making plans on lowering the price, but this cannot be stressed enough. For this thing to be successful, it needs to be affordable. This product isn’t like blu-ray or 4k, it can’t afford to be too aggressive. Its just not as essential as resolution or larger memory for discs, virtual reality is more of a luxury. It would take a similar route with 3D technology. 3D could have been more successful than it is if the price had been more affordable, but because of the price, 3D had very few early adopters. For this to succeed, it needs to be as sought after as Google glasses or the new iphone. It needs to be cheap and available everywhere. I’m thinking 100$ per glasses. This may seem too low to some, but its the only realistic price that people will pay. Maybe 150$. But anymore is just too much, especially in todays economy.
With these suggestions and good marketing, Sony can make their VR headset a success and totally trounce the oculus rift in sales and popularity. They have the resources, they have the credibility, they just need to combine that with great tech and good policies to turn this into a great success.

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