Angry Birds Go! – 3D Racing Game of Angry Birds Franchise

Angry Birds Go! - 3D Racing Game

Rovio has combined couple of aspects of games and came up with Angry Birds Go. Angry Birds Go is the latest addition to the Angry Birds franchise and comes in the form of a Mario Kart-like racing game. This 3D adventure is a downhill, soapbox cart racer where you can play as all the characters from the Angry Birds series.  It’s a rather brave move away from the 2D physics-based point and aim Angry Birds we’re all used to, but one that is still very appealing to gamers of all age groups. The game is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 and is the first Rovio game to be a free-to-play experience. 
All other mobile Angry Birds games cost 69p for the HD and full games, and are constantly being updated, even several years later. I can say that its fun as I played for few mins. Go get it from – Thumb up for Angry bird Go, this game can beat Super Mario kart 8. Maybe youc an say it’s Mario Kart clone! but it more interesting and more fun with you favorite birds character.

Angry Birds Go! - 3D Racing Game

Rovio has already said it will add multiplayer and additional content early next year, so it seems the game will have the same longevity as its franchise buddies. From the outset, it’s clear that Angry Birds Go is easy to play and fairly addictive, especially for short bursts of time. The familiar, colourful characters are all there and each has their own unique power-ups to use against the opposition. The controls are very straight-forward. You can either steer using tilt controls or on-screen buttons, and there’s no acceleration or braking to worry about as it’s a downhill racer and gravity does it all for you. You start off with one character, the Red bird, and one car. You can unlock new characters by completing races similar to boss battles, although you will have to complete each of the character races three times to get said character. 
The physics are great, with cars noticeably getting better the more in-game coins you spend on upgrades and there are plenty of power-ups to mess around with as you get further into the game.
Angry Birds Go! Official Gameplay Trailer - Game out December 11!
Angry Birds Go! Official Gameplay Trailer

One of the more disappointing elements of Angry Birds Go is the 3D graphics. This is Rovio’s first foray into 3D and it really shows. The 3D sections are far from crisp and are especially shown up when they are side by side with cartoon 2D menus. You’ll probably forget about this once you get going, but it’s disappointing if you’ve got one of the latest phones or tablets — it just won’t show off what they’re capable of in the slightest.


  •     New way to play Angry Birds
  •     Mario Kart elements
  •     Fun power ups
  •     Same great characters

Angry Birds Go! - 3D Racing Game


  •     Free-to-play limits enjoyment
  •     In-game purchases are expensive
  •     3D graphics aren’t amazing


Despite Angry Birds Go being slightly spoiled by its freemium model, it’s still thoroughly enjoyable and worth a download for those loyal to the series. It’ll be interesting to see how the game develops as Rovio adds new features as well, but anyone who has grown bored of the series won’t flock back for this.

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