AMD Dynamic Switchable Graphics Technology – Automatic, Flexible and Seamless


AMD Dynamic Switchable Graphics Technology

The latest trend in power management is delivered by AMD’s energy-efficient technology, AMD Switchable Graphics1. Imagine combining the low power advantages of an integrated graphics processor with the performance of a discrete graphics processor. With AMD Switchable Graphics now you can have the best of both worlds with maximum performance when you need it and long battery life when on-the-go.

The traditional notebook trade-off is now a thing of the past. This innovative technology is a mobile graphics switching process optimizing your system for either high-powered graphics processing or low power consumption. It is designed to switch the graphics operation between integrated graphics and discrete graphics (depending on the power source and user preferences) without rebooting the notebook. This allows the discrete card to be used for graphics intensive applications when under AC power (plugged in to power socket) and the integrated graphics to be used in battery mode, extending battery life when on-the-go for visual computing without compromise.

Don’t choose between brilliant graphics and great battery life. Get both, with AMD Dynamic Switchable Graphics technology. AMD Dynamic Switchable Graphics technology is designed to give mobile users the best of both worlds: brilliant graphics and great battery life. AMD Dynamic Switchable Graphics technology engages discrete graphics only when you need it, using energy-efficient built-in graphics capabilities the rest of the time. The result: a seamless, vivid digital experience with great battery life thanks to AMD Dynamic Switchable Graphics technology.

Extreme Power Savings for Long Battery Life

Maximize your battery life while on-the-go when you switch from discrete to integrated graphics. As compared to discrete graphics, an integrated GPU requires less energy to operate, yielding better power efficiency and improved battery life. This makes it better suited for situations where your notebook is running on battery – for example when traveling on the road.

Maximum Performance

When the notebook is plugged in to the power socket, AMD Switchable Graphics enables the AMD Radeon™ discrete graphics processor for astonishing performance. The discrete graphics processor delivers high performance and incredible graphics when your notebook is plugged in. And the power of your AMD Radeon graphics processor allows you to enjoy superior HD gaming, Blu-ray movies and other HD content in full HD-1080p. Whether you use it at home, in the office, or while on the move, AMD Switchable Graphics helps you meet your every need.

  The Technology

Switchable isn’t always switchable – but almost. In principle, the presentable images are transferred from the dedicated graphics card into the output memory of the graphics chip integrated into the CPU with both variants. Thanks to this the graphics solution can present images without interruption while switching between the available graphics chips, and in the case of Nvidia Optimus the CPU graphics can even be completely switched off.

While Nvidia isn’t keeping any secrets when it comes to the applied technology, AMD is more hesitant to share. Details regarding the technological process are limited to technical experts, and our requests for information from AMD relating to this remain unanswered. Detailed information about the Nvidia Optimus technology can be found in this test.

HD Video Playback

AMD Dynamic Switchable Graphics automatically selects the dedicated graphics card for the playback of YouTube videos in Internet Explorer, and decodes the videos with a CPU load of around 14% with the i5-2410M and AMD Radeon HD 6630M in the Sony Vaio VPCCA290x. Problem: The CCC separates the allocation of graphics cards according to the respective active program, hence Internet Explorer would be running continuously using the dedicated AMD graphics card. This can of course lead to disadvantages with respect to power consumption and battery life, even if there aren’t any high resolution videos being played back.

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