JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs – Best Headphones for Bass Lovers

JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs
Trust me guys, these headphones are amazing..!! The bass is what these headphones are made for. Please do not buy them if you listen to other genres of music as these are exclusive for Hiphop/Rock/Dubstep etc. However, the packing is really tight. It will took you hell lot of time to open the hard plastic packing. …They are beautiful and going sweet with your smartphone, some reviewers claim that these headphones perform way better than the Beats Headphones. These are the best headphones for bass lovers, you will acutally feel the bass. Many other reviewers have said they have a lot of bass, I don’t disagree but would argue that they are more natural and what they should sound like. The music has a true dynamic 3D feel which leaves all your other buds lacking and flat. Comfortable as well.

JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs
In-ear canal headphones that reproduce powerful and dynamic deep bass sound. The new three-model Xtreme Xplosives, or XX, series combines aggressive new design with JVC’s traditional high-quality build and style to meet the needs of today’s music enthusiasts in comfort, sound and price.The series includes an inner-ear headphone, on-ear model and an around-the-ear headphone.
All three XX series models feature a bass port for outstanding bass reproduction, a durable rubber protector for impact protection and to help withstand heavy use, and a gold-plated 3.5mm stereo plug. The most compact style in the line is the HA-FX1X inner-ear headphone, which features a 10mm diaphragm with neodymium magnet and superior sound isolation by including three different size silicone ear pieces. Ergonomically designed to provide comfort in any size ear, the HA-FX1X provides a snug, secure fit. The HA-FX1X also comes with a handy carrying case. 2.6mm-thick and robust 1.2m pure copper cable (Y-type) Special hard carrying case included S/M/L silicone ear-pieces included Gold-plated 3.5mm stereo straight plug iPod, iphone and iPad compatible.
JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs


  • Gold plated 3.5mm plug, Cord Length: 3.93ft(1.2m)
  • Excellent Sound Quality!
  • Frequency Response: 5-23,000Hz
  • Extreme Deep Bass Ports and large 10mm Neodymium driver units deliver ultimate bass sound
JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs


  • Comfort: 8/10
  • Build Quality: 9.5/10
  • Sound Quality: 8/10
  • Extra Carrying Case: 5/10
>> Read More Reviews << of JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs This product has got Customer Reviews 4.1 out of 5 stars  and Price: $16.88 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35. You Save: $13.07 (44%) from List Price: $29.95

These headphones look very bulky in the picture–and truth is, they are. The large earpiece protrudes out of the ear a bit, and might look a bit weird. My main gripe is that you cannot sleep with these comfortably! The black earpiece that sticks out pushes against my pillow, which makes it come out of my ear. This does not matter THAT much to me, because I actually bought these to replace my old ones. For standard use, like sitting in a chair, these are phenomenal. They are extremely light and fit comfortably, without producing the strange ear pressure that other in-ears do.Overall, the comfort is very good and above average for in-ears.

Of course, everyone wants to read about the sound. The sound is actually very good for the price that it flaunts. Listening to the HAFX1X is quite a guilty pleasure–it spews gobs of bass, and that’s pretty much what it’s good for. The low end is definitely emphasized, so the separation of the instruments is not very clear. The mids pack a very solid punch, and sometimes end up being mixed with the lower end. The major problem with the FX1X is that the high notes are very shrill. 

It’s not noticeable if you listen at low volume. With about 40 hours of burn-in, the highs no longer sound piercing, and the bass becomes smoother. Additionally, the volume is probably 3 times louder than normal headphones. The cabling is very good, and slight bumps and scratches towards the cable would not produce many microphonics.

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