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Flipboard, Your News Magazine

There’s a new way to view and consume information on your iPhone, iPad or Android Smartphone. And Flipboard is the app that was recently recognized as one of the best mobile apps Now. For anyone who can’t resist keeping up with the latest information and favorite websites on the go, Flipboard is a must-have app.  I use Flipboard feverishly! I can’t say enough about the flip design and the amount of constant news content and entertainment feeds. I use it on my LG G2. Android 4.2.3. Every now and then the pictures don’t update with the articles on the Flipboard front page, but it’s otherwise awesome. Supper cool, Easy to read and plenty of articles News App. I mean it’s Great combination! This is an awesome news app runs extremely fast and smooth. 
I love the way Flipboard consolidates all my feeds into one, beautifully displayed. I like the idea, and the ease of looking at magazines that interest me. Ones linked to my Facebook feed are always at least a day behind, though. If the updated regularly, this would be my favorite way to read many of my pages’ posts.

Flipboard, Your News Magazine

Flipboard aggregates websites and RSS links found within your social circle, such as Facebook or Twitter, and displays the information in a clean and beautiful magazine format on your Apple mobile device. For example, when you connect your Facebook or Twitter account to Flipboard, it will search through the types of media and stories people you follow are currently tweeting, or what links friends and pages are sharing on Facebook. Flipboard then takes those stories and displays them in your very own personalized social magazine.
Why Use Flipboard? Flipboard is an ideal tool for anyone who is active on social media and regularly enjoys reading a variety of blogs or websites. Collecting URL addresses, bookmarking every single website, and even getting through your RSS feed reader can be a difficult and disorganized task. With Flipboard, you don’t have to worry about slow-loading pages, ugly site designs or general disorganization. All content is displayed very cleanly using a minimalistic design, and Flipboard makes it easy for you to share articles you like. There are share buttons on every page. Simply choose the share button that looks like an arrow and select your account, either Twitter or Facebook, to share or tweet the web link of that article.

Flipboard, Your News Magazine


  • Cover Stories: The iPhone/iPod Touch app includes a feature called “Cover Stories,” which uses reader interactions like tweets and shares integrated with manual curation in order to deliver a customized list of top stories.
  • Topics: Choose stories from your Facebook feed, Twitter feed, Insude Flipboard, News, Tech, Lifestyle, Photos, Flipboard Picks, and More.
  • Profile: Set up a profile picture and manage your settings, including the topics and types of sites and stories that are displayed on your Flipboard.
  • Search: Search and browse through topics, keywords, website names or social media feeds.
  • Twitter: Send tweets directly through Flipboard. Tweet titles and shortened links of stories automatically, or retweet the original link that was tweeted first.
  • Facebook: “Like” links to stories directly through Flipboard that were shared on your Facebook feed, or re-post it on your own Facebook wall or Timeline without ever leaving the Flipboard app.
  • Add to Flipboard: When you come across a website, feed or magazine through the search function, there should be a plus sign displayed at the top of the page. Press this to add that site or feed to your Flipboard.

Flipboard, Your News Magazine


In the latest version of Flipboard, you’ll now be able to create magazines of your favorite content. A new “+” button has been added next to every story you come across so you can select and save content to your personal magazine. Touching the button brings up a smaller window where you can create your magazine. Just add a title, enter an optional description, and select a category. A switch at the bottom lets you either share your magazine publicly or keep it private. Now, next time you see a story that fits your magazine’s theme, just hit the “+” button and select your magazine to quickly add the story. What results when you read your magazine is a great-looking cover page with your featured story, along with headlines down the right, just like a physical magazine.

Flipboard, Your News Magazine


Flipboard is a great way to read RSS feeds and connect with social networks, providing a magazine style layout you can flip through with a swipe of your finger. But Flipboard, while beautiful, is not efficient for getting through multiple news sources quickly. And with tons of customization options and a unique magazine-style interface, anyone looking for a better way to browse the latest news and social info should definitely download this app immediately.

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