What’s Google Glass and The Things This Device Can Do

 What's Google Glass

I’m pretty big fans of the Google Glass, Glass is quite a technological achievement and this device is a possible game changer. “What’s the difference? between  google glass and smartphone” …the difference is that with a cellphone people can generally tell when you are filming them by the phone being brought out and held up at a certain level and held steady, whereas with google glass you have no idea when someone might be filming or not, or involved with a conversation and walk into people, for that matter. I’m concerned not only about the privacy issues, but also the distraction factor. Can you imagine the kind of accidents that could

happen caused by users distracted by the heads up display? Contrary to popular belief, most people can’t multi-task well. Actually google are willing to change things like this. they have introduced a light which indicates when a picture is being taken for that. I think its a fantastic device. the real lift functionality is amazing.

What's Google Glass

You’ve probably heard about or seen photos of Google Glass, the company’s wearable computer. Some places have already banned it, even though it’s not on sale to the general public yet. Only about 10,000 are in the wild right now, and 2,000 of those went to software developers, Clive Thompson says in The New York Times. The rest went to a pool of selected applicants who explained to Google how they would use the gadget. Everybody paid $1,500 for them. Thompson was one of the latter group, and has a lengthy story explaining his experience using Glass over the past couple of months, along with what other people who have it think.

What's Google Glass

What’s Google Glass Can Do:

  • Glow or light up when the user is viewing the screen or taking a picture, as a social cue or warning for people nearby.
  • Send text or emails by voice command. It has “surprisingly accurate voice-transcription capabilities,” Thompson says.
  • Take photos by voice command or by pressing a button on the side.
  • Video conference, which one surgeon user has found handy to both teach procedures and to remotely guide others who are using Glass. (“To have someone else see what I see — it’s just amazing in surgical teaching,” he said.)
  • Display pictures, tweets or search results on a pinkish floating screen about 6 inches away from, and slightly above, the right eye.
  • The “slightly above” part is important: By design it’s uncomfortable to look upward at the screen for more than a minute or two. (“It wasn’t something you were supposed to stare at, zoning out on videos or playing games or reading while ignoring those around you,” its designers told Thompson.)

There is currently a limited number of apps, including a cooking aid and a to-do list. In general, the device doesn’t accomplish a lot smartphones can’t, Thompson says. He actually wanted it to display more information than it did. The first-person photo and video capabilities sound the most useful compared with a phone, though he found the device awkward in social situations. Many people were (not surprisingly) creeped out or suspicious.

What's Google Glass

Using Google Glass

Google Glass introduces an entirely new way of computing, with a simple, voice-driven user interface that strips away complexity and makes a number of tasks much more intuitive. Below are some examples of these.

        Start tap

To start using Google Glass, you tap the frame of the glasses and you’re taken to the home screen. You don’t see a bunch of icons like on smartphone home screen, just a simple overlay box that carries any information and the ‘wallpaper’ is actually the real-life scene you’re looking at. To issue a command, you tap the frame again and say “OK Glass”.

What's Google Glass

        Take a picture

After you issue the order “OK Glass”, you can instruct the glasses to do something specific by saying something like “take a picture”. That’s it. There’s no fumbling around looking for the camera icon. We’re not sure at this point whether anything on the glasses frame lets the subject know they’re being photographed. Just be aware that if you’re chatting to someone wearing Google Glass, you’re right in their viewfinder.

What's Google Glass

        Record video

Same goes with video. With Google Glass, you can record what you see without moving a finger. Already, several businesses in the US, ranging from strip clubs to casinos and even movie theatres, have announced that Google Glass will be banned from their premises. The porn industry is in a lather over the introduction of Google Glass, with many pornographers pointing to an inevitable increase in the popularity of POV (point of view) porn clips.

What's Google Glass

        Share what you see

Now this is what we call serious sharing — actually sharing what you see with your friends (it’s not clear at this early stage whether Google Glass will be able to feed them a live video stream, but this is inevitable). The privacy ramifications of this kind of sharing are mind-boggling, but tech history tends to show that privacy concerns never ultimately get in the way of a cool new experience, such as when people agree to give the latest hot mobile app access to their location and address book data without much resistance.

        Find your way

Lost? No problem, you have your very own super GPS navigating device to guide you along in the right direction. It’s perfect for the car, except that various road authorities have already said they’ll ban Google glasses in cars because of the possible other distractions the glasses can serve up while you’re driving.

What's Google Glass

What do you think about Glass? Would you use it, or be bothered by people using it around you? Does it sound better or worse than a smartphone?

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