Top 15 Gadgets That Will Change the World Soon – Part I

Gadgets Change World - No.15 Google Glass

#15 Google Glass

It seems that we will be able to wear all gadgets soon. Google Glass is an absolute champion in most technology charts these days and there’s a good reason for that. Frankly speaking, Google haven’t invented the whole idea, but they did make it work after all. Looks like the future is now, as we will have the opportunity to get real-time information about literally everything around us with this baby.
Gadgets Change World - No.14 Pebble

#14 Pebble

Time is something that controls our lives, and watches are a must-have accessory for most of us. However, with smartphones taking over the world, fewer and fewer people are using watches as time indicators. The Pebble watch, also known as the first watch for the 21st century, has changed that. This wearable device is able to connect with iPhone and Android smartphones and offers various functions like silent vibration to incoming calls, GPS, an MP3 player, and more.
Gadgets Change World - No.13 Oculus Rift

#13 Oculus Rift

Reaching the virtual reality effect has been a serious goal for many developers for the past two decades. The time has come, as the guys at Oculus Rift have finally made a significant step towards this goal. Delivered by some of the biggest game industry veterans like John Carmack (Doom, Quake), this headset is designed for immersive and affordable gaming.
Gadgets Change World - No.12 Myo

#12 Myo

You might have already tried to play games using Wii controllers. You might even think that it just can’t get better than this, but it actually can. Myo is an armband that is able to pick up all your muscles’ activity and transfer it wirelessly to the screen. This is a great tool to use for controlling other things too.
Gadgets Change World - No.11 Leap Motion

#11 Leap Motion

With multi-touch smartphones entering our lives on a daily basis, it was only a matter of time before this technology would come to regular computers. This is how “Leap Motion” technology came to be. This device enables its users to operate the computer with fingers alone.

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