The Hitech Gear Evolution – Samsung Galaxy Gear Ad

Samsung launched the super cool Gear phone/watch with some awesome ads relating how the phone/watch is so crazy futuristic. Is this cutting edge and forward of Samsung. Eighty years in the making, and it’s finally here. Learn more about what makes the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear The Next Big Thing at You can call “It’s Morphing Time!!!” Awesome controller. Watches don’t appeal to me, but I like the ad.
Actually i find it very useful, i have one and i use it more than i thought i would with voice memo with one of my hands isnt free i just can look see if someone important texted me or sent me an email without going thought the the steps of setting down what i have in my hands, pulling out my phone, awaking my phone just to see how text me, in actually saves you battery life, dont get me wrong this product isnt for everyone, but its very useful.

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