Samsung Galaxy Gear – Welcome to the Future, Smart Gear with So Many Features

Whatever Samsung does becomes a legend in itself, Once again it showcased the world why it is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. Just now Samsung at IFA Berlin 2013 showcased its 3 new products Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Gear and the Galaxy 10.1 2014 Edition. But what caught my eye is the Galaxy Gear the hybrid watch from Samsung.
We expected the Galaxy Gear would be just a normal competitive watch against one by LG and Apple. But as soon as Pranav Mistry entered ,it  the things started to heat up. Pranav Mistry known for its advanced Sixth Sense Project and research project in the field of Human Computer Interaction(HCI) elaborated the new smart new features of the the amazing Galaxy Gear.

Galaxy gear provides a hell lot of features under the Smart freedom category. Here are some of the features that I found out to be interesting ,useful and appealing. 
Smart Relay:

Smart Relay the feature that enhances the usability of the Galaxy Gear. Take out your phone while reading an email or a message on galaxy gear, it will automatically popup the same message on the handset. Pretty cool stuff thus saving our time in searching the same content again and again on our devices.

Calling in Galaxy Gear is a fun stuff. On an incoming call just place your hand on your ears, just like holding an imaginary phone in your hand. Bam that’s all. Calling or receiving calls was just like a natural hand to ear gestures, pretty basics and fun stuff. The speakers and mic in gear are placed in such a way that the our voice will reach directly to the mic thus providing excellent call clarity.


S-voice present in almost all of the Note models is present onto this Galaxy gear watch. S-Voice allows us to talk to the gear directly. Though this isn’t much advanced to that of Apple’s Siri but still the innovation is pretty awesome.
The thing that I loved the most about this Galaxy Gear device is the Memographer camera. This allows to capture images directly from the watch itself. Though the camera present on the watch is pretty basics but still it could shoot great pics. Its pretty amazing that we could capture the wonderful moments directly on this Galaxy Gear instead of spending time onto finding the cellphone onto the pocket and then turning on the camera app. Though its can be useful in most cases(Spying for example) but the basic camera and the average image clarity somewhat ruins the functionality
Here are the specs of Galaxy Gear, It has basic hardware like we expected

Screen Size: 1.63 inches
Screen type: 320 * 320 pixels Super Amoled
Processor: 800Mhz single core
Battery backup: Around 25 hours
Sensors: Light sensor, accelerometer,and gyroscope
Camera Basic
The device is could be directly used with Note 3 and can be used with S3, S4 and Note 2 after a minor software update into the device. As Pranav Mistry said that the Galaxy gear is 10 years ahead of its time, we totally support the statement. Though the Human Computer Interaction is pretty basic and what’s available is still a prototype, the Galaxy Gear is definitely year’s ahead of time.  Hats off to Samsung for its innovation in the field of gestures.

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