Revive Your Smartphone with These 5 Tips

Revive Your Smartphone
If it seems like your smartphone isn’t performing as optimally as it once did, you’re probably not just imagining things. A smartphone is basically a very compact computer. Like laptops and desktop computers, smartphones can get bogged down over time. In turn, they start performing less and less efficiently. Even if your device is still performing well enough, it just may not give you the thrill that it once did. By periodically performing a little smartphone cleanup maintenance, you can keep your iPhone or other smartphone operating well and looking like new.
Revive Your Smartphone

1. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Are you an app hoarder? You’re not alone. Many people download new apps without giving the matter a second thought. Most apps are small, and the amount of space they take up is negligible. When you have dozens of small apps, however, the hard drive on your device can fill up quickly. A great idea is to have one screen that’s dedicated to apps you use all the time. Put the rest on subsequent screens. From time to time, methodically go through the apps on those pages. For each one, ask yourself whether you actually use it or not. You can always reinstall it if you decide later on that you need it.

2. Save Battery Life by Adjusting Your Settings

If it seems like the battery on your smartphone drains too quickly, push notifications may be a main culprit. When you install a new app, it asks whether you’d like to receive these notifications. The default setting automatically allows them, so it’s easy to end up having tons of push notifications enabled. Go through and restrict push notifications to just a few essential apps. Turning off location services will also go a long way toward conserving battery life.

Revive Your Smartphone

3. Clean the Outside of Your Phone

Just as it’s smart to do spring cleaning on the inside of your phone; you should occasionally clean the outside of it too. Mix a little water with some glass cleaner and remove the phone from its case. Gently wipe down your entire phone; take care not to allow it to get too wet. Clean the case thoroughly too before replacing it.

4. Watch Out for Data-Sucking Apps

Just because an app doesn’t take up a whole lot of space on your device itself doesn’t mean it’s not hogging a lot of resources. Photo apps are especially notorious for this. Many of them store duplicates of photos that are also kept in your phone’s memory. For instance, photos that you take with one of these apps are stored in the app itself and in your photo stream. You’re hit with a double whammy, and your phone operates less effectively because of it.
Revive Your Smartphone

5. Update Your Sync Settings

Devices like the iPhone automatically sync information from calendars, contacts and other utilities. However, you may use different apps to handle those things, so you could be inadvertently syncing things that you really don’t need. This activity drains battery life and sucks up processing power, so your smartphone may operate less effectively. A great smartphone cleanup step is to go through and uncheck all of the things that don’t need to be synced automatically. You may be surprised by how many there are!

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