DIY – Recycled CD to iPhone Dock, Your Awesome Homemade iPhone Accessories

Some of our readers will have seen the fun homemade iPhone accessories that we have made before, like the Pencil iPhone Stand and the Cardboard iPhone Dock, the latest one is a Dock for your iPhone or iPod made from some recycled CDs, the Recycled CD iPhone Dock. I wanted to make a dock for the iPhone from stuff I had lying around the house, but I also wanted to make sure that it would look cool sat on my desk whilst my iPhone was charging ans syncing,  so I came up with the idea of using old CDs, you could also use DVDs as well.
I think it looks pretty good from the photos, and it is very easy to make, you can also use it for virtually any iPod and both the 2G and 3G iPhones, plus it will also work for the new iPhone 3GS.

To make your own you will need a Dremel, 11 to 12 CDs or DVDs, you will need 4/5 more disks than the height of your iPhone charging connector on the USB cable.

Mark out the width of the silver connector that goes into your iPhone on the center of one of the CDs. Cut this out using a Dremel or similar so you can poke the silver connector through but not the whole connector end. Also make sure you can attach your iPhone and it starts charging.
The thickness of the disk should be OK but you may need to take off a little from disk to make a perfect fit depending on your charging connector cable.

Once you have done this mark the full width of the charging connector in the center of the next disk. Cut this out making sure the charging end will pass right thorough this disk but as a tight fit. Repeat this process until you have enough disks stacked together so the bottom of the charging connector is flush with the last disk and the cable can lay flat across the disk.

Using another three or four disks depending on the thickness of your charging cable cut a channel going from the edge of the disk to the center a few millimeters wider than your cable.

Glue these together aligning the cut outs for the cable, then assemble the top part by gluing each disk and clamping firmly together to make them as tight as possible to the next.

Align all the cuts out and insert the charging connector into the stack of disks. Glue the cable channel disks to the bottom and the final untouched base disk or disks and clamp making sure there is no movement on the charging connector from the top or the iPhone will not start charging once you dock.

If there is movement remove one of the disks from the top stack and adjust accordingly. The Recycled CD iPhone Dock is very easy to make, and I think it will look great on your desk. It is very cheap compared to the standard iPhone dock, which you now have to buy for $30, so you can save a few dollars with this DIY iPhone dock, plus you can also use it to charge and sync your iPod.

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