Solid Skin Cover (Black) for Samsung I9100 Galaxy S2

Solid Skin Cover (Black) for SAMSUNG i9100 (Galaxy S 2)

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is the slipperiest smartphone I’ve ever had, but this skin cover solves that problem. It feels good and holds on tight so this was a good purchase. I recommend the product for all SGS2 owners. Good enough, pretty usable, you must buy it, with out it it would’ve been hard to handle and protect the phone. I don’t know if there is other options but this one acomplish my expectations.

Solid Skin Cover (Black) for SAMSUNG i9100 (Galaxy S 2)

Variety of colors to choose from – mix and match the colors. The cover is perfect for those who are seeking a soft protective case but want to maximize their phone appearance. The case keeps your wireless device in like-new condition and preserves its looks and features

Technical Details

  • Provides your Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II the maximum protection against scratches and scuffs.
  • Made with grade A silica gel, this case is not only durable and long lasting,
  • Pre-cut openings allows full access to all features.
  • It is user-friendly, and super easy to install.
  • For: Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II
  • It also equips the Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II with a soft and comfortable surface.

Price: $3.00

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