Zephyr HxM – Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor for Android Smartphones

Zephyr HxM - Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor for Android smartphones

The Zephyr HxM BT is a fitness-tracking device designed for use with most smartphones. It combines Zephyr’s Smart Fabric?„? heart rate sensor technology, movement sensors, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity on a chest strap for athletes who live on the cutting edge of technology. Why carry multiple devices such as foot pods, music players, and bulky GPS watches when your phone can do it all for you? Paired with the HxM, your phone can track your exercise intensity level, speed, and distance while playing your music, tracking your GPS location, and providing calling services.

Strap-on comfort for all-day performance.

Smart Fabric is conductive fabric that provides market-leading comfort and accuracy. It is woven onto a soft, elastic, adjustable (up to 40 inches) strap that is worn under the shirt around the sternum. The Bluetooth 2.0 transmitter module has 26-hour battery life and is snap-detachable. This allows the HxM to be easily recharged by the included USB cradle and the chest strap is machine-washable. It is covered by a 12-month limited warranty from defects and the strap itself is replaceable.

The freedom to run…your phone, your app.

With an open communication design, the HxM provides unparalleled flexibility with the phones and applications you use. Currently available apps include Endomondo and SportsTracker Pro for Android, eCoach for Nokia, and Run GPS for Windows Mobile. More applications are coming soon for Android, Blackberry, Nokia, and Windows Mobile phones. Please check your phone’s application compatibility.

Workout smarter.

Physiologists and fitness trainers recommend working out within certain heart rate zones to achieve goals such as weight loss or cardiovascular improvement. You no longer have to hold on to dirty handle bars on treadmills because the HxM continuously monitors you for faster feedback. With Zephyr, you can measure life anywhere!

Price: $99.00

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