Wireless Virtual Laser Keyboard

Wireless Virtual Laser Keyboard

The future has officially arrived. The wireless Bluetooth Virtual Laser Keyboard can revolutionize the way you communicate via phone text messages. The full-size keyboard can be projected on any flat surface, even in the sunlight. It’s so easy to type, it’s like being allowed to talk again! Or, it can turn your PDA into a usable word processor and an email station that wants more than hunt-‘n-pecked yes-and-no’s. Keyboard cowboys, phone text-fiends, clean-room surgeons and heavy-metal industry workers no longer need a big chunk of plastic.

The Laser Keyboard replaces that chuck of plastic with a keyboard the size of a pocket lighter that enables you to type on any flat surface. No more turning the keyboard upside-down to dump out yesterday’s lunch, no more replacing the A, S and E keys because you’ve pounded the letters into invisibility. Cyberpunks say that, “The Street finds its own uses for things.” What can this simple piece of tech do for you?.

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