New 6V,200mA Portable Travelling Solar Charger for Cell Phones, GPS

6V,200mA Portable Travelling Solar Charger

If you are a frequent traveler, we highly recommend this powerful solar charger. The unit is qualified for recharging your cell phone, digital camera, portable multimedia player, GPS, and other digital devices. Besides, you will like the practical design which allows for multiple placement options. It can be clipped on the bag, attached on the vehicle window glass, or put on the ground with bracket.

Pay Attention:

1:No power bank is included,if you need it, you have to buy it separately
2:this item cannot charge your iPhone directly. We highly recommend you the great combination of solar charger and mobile digital power bank

Package includes:
1 x YG-010 Portable Solar Charger
1 x Output cable
6 x Connector (For Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson cell phones)

Q: How to ascertain the actual power of solar panel?
A: Judge based on the industry average level. Current industry average conversion efficiency of solar panel ranges from 15% to 17%. And the surface solar energy is 1000W/m?.

Here we can do the math:
Electrical energy converted from solar energy per square meter: 1000W/m?x15%=150W
Electrical energy converted from solar energy per square centimeter: 150W/10000=0.015W
How much electrical power can you get in 10cm?? 0.015W x10=0.15W

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