Yes, You Need To Calibrate to Get Optimal HDTV Video Results

Why A Professional Calibration?

• Calibration specialists are ISF (Imaging Science Foundation)-certified, which means they are trained to use highly specialized and expensive equipment to calibrate HDTVs correctly.

• A calibration DVD might be a tempting alternative, but it won’t let you adjust all of your HDTV’s settings. An ISF-certified professional can access advanced service menus to calibrate your TV correctly. These settings aren’t meant to be experimented with, so if you poke around and gain access to your TV’s service menu, it’s best to leave it alone. Many people have rendered their TVs useless because they didn’t heed this warning.

Your Video May Not Be All That It Seems

• Most TVs are shipped with a set standard video mode meant for an electronics store display—this means that the TV’s settings are adjusted to show the best picture in a bright, fluorescent-lit environment. Because it’s unlikely your lighting at home matches the store’s surroundings, you should have your TV professionally calibrated by a specialist to accommodate your home’s unique lighting environment.

• An HDTV’s viewing angle and your home-theater setup also affect how your HDTV should be calibrated. An ISF-certified professional takes these factors into account when making adjustments.

• Although you can expect to budget 10 to 15% of the purchase price of your television for a professional calibration, consider it an entertainment investment that will pay dividends for years to come.

What You Can Expect

• A calibration session includes two inputs on the set, so no matter which you use, you will get the best image clarity and sharpness your HDTV can provide.

• A professional will use color analyzer equipment to objectively tune color saturation and temperature as precisely as possible, letting you see video exactly the same way it looked when it was created.

• Your HDTV’s contrast will be set up to provide greater video detail as well as the darkest blacks and brightest whites.

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