Toshiba Doubles Up with Dual-Screen Libretto W100 Unveiled

Toshiba has celebrated 25 years of laptop production by releasing the Libretto W100, which it claims is the world’s first dual-screen laptop to run Windows 7. The company has employed a clamshell design to protect the 7-inch panels within. Both of the screens are touch-capacitive, meaning you can use either panel to manipulate your content, be it rotating a photo or scrolling down a web page.

It’s possible to run separate applications on each screen — a spreadsheet on the top screen with a word processor on the bottom for example – and you can switch programs between the two screens by dragging the relevant application up or down.

In addition to this, the bottom screen features a virtual keyboard with a number of configurations, including QWERTY, letting you type up emails or documents. Should you want to view your content vertically, the in-built accelerometer lets you rotate the device to do so. An Intel Pentium U5400 processor provides the power, alongside 2048MB of DDR3 memory, while a 62GB Solid State Drive offers a fair amount of storage. Should that not be enough, a Micro SD slot allows you to add more.

Connectivity-wise, 802.11n Wi-Fi allows the fastest wireless network connections currently available and there is also Bluetooth for hooking up to any external peripherals you may have, such as a smartphone. …. Toshiba claims the W100’s battery lasts 210-minutes between charges and the tiny chassis weighs just 819g.

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