Why You Need a nüvifone A50 – Garmin takes Android, mocks Google maps

In Detail, The Most Location – Aware Phone Ever?

Spring 2010 – www.garmin.com Delayed more times than a Eurostar in the snow, Garmin’s Android-powered nüvifone has finally found its way to Stuff HQ. But now that virtually every smartphone has GPS, has the navigation specialist overshot Its junction?

What Garmin doesn’t know about sat-nay would fit on the back of an amoeba. Mobile phones, however. are a different kettle of single-cell organism. That’s why Garmin has consulted Asus for the A50’s hardware and given it a 3.51n capacitive touchscreen, Wi-Fl. 3G and, of course, GPS

Like HTC’s own-brand Android efforts, the ASO will come with a specially skinned Interface. A scrollable list of commonly-used apps can be pulled open to reveal au apps. but the whole skin can be minimised to reveal a conventional Android dashboard too.

The A 50’s maps come In the built- In 4GB memory meaning there’s no clock-watching while you wait for them to download, But, should you want the simplicity of Google Maps, it’s there. In fact, seeing as Android multitasks. use them both if you like, Hear that. iPhone?

Tech Specs

  • Screen 3.5 in, 320×480, capacitive touchscreen
  • OS Android 2.1
  • Connectivity A-GPS, Bluetooth 2.1, USB, Wi-Fi
  • Storage 4GB internal + microSD
  • Camera 3MP, autofocus

The A50 comes with a cradle for when you’re on the road. Simply dock It horizontally and It’ll switch to landscape mode, with a mini USB input on the back for the charger. This isn’t some sort of half-baked, diet sat-nay either: you’ll get all the voice prompts, lane assist, POls and local search functions of its dedicated brethren.

Given the nature of a mobile’s pocket-dwelling existence, you’ll want the sat-nay to work when you swap four wheels for two feet. Fortunately. t A50 wont keep you on main roads when walking, and also gives you a “Where Am I?” function for more local information.

Stuff Says : The A50’s sat-nav cred is unchallenged but the interface might make it lose its way

Source : Stuff Magazine

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