What to Look for in a Photo Printer

What to Look for in a Photo Printer

Don’t simply go for the cheapest or fastest photo printer, as quality should be your main aim. As discussed elsewhere, the best quality printers use more ink, so often have higher running costs. Meanwhile, printing at the highest resolutions also takes time, so unless you’re looking to batch print, test speeds should take a backseat when buying.

So what factors should influence your buying decision? The first should be ease of use, such as is it easy to use with your digital camera? If you’re looking to print without editing images on your laptop first, check the printer has PictBridge, so you can plug your digital camera straight into it, as well as a large and bright LCD screen to view and edit them on – or at least the right memory card slots to match the card in your camera. Then there is Wi-Fi, which is fine for printing documents, as they take up less memory, but for high-definition image printing you’ll find the technology isn’t really suited, yet.

Then there is the issue of print quality itself. A basic printer should offer a resolution of at least 600 x 600dpi (dots per inch) for everyday coverage. However, for more high-end printing look for a machine with a reliable 4800 x 1200dpi resolution. Do you think you’ll be wanting to scanner (see the HP and Lexmark machines in this group test). Finally, look for the quietest printer possible for the home. Before you buy, think about what you’re likely to print and how often, as working out the archive your old photographs? If so, you’ll need a machine with a bundled basics beforehand can save you a lot of heartache later.

Source : What Laptop Magazine

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