How To – Stream Videos From Your PC

How To – Stream Videos From Your PC


Does your TV have wireless connectivity? If it doesn’t, you’ll need an extra box so it can pick up signals from your PC. Don’t panic : there are plenty of inexpensive options available from well known brands. Better still, you may already have a solution — next-gen games consoles Like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 can do the same job. as can Apple TV. Result.


Make sure your TV (or media extender box, see Step 1) and computer are connected to the same network, probably your home Wi-Fi Then all you need to do is get them to talk to each other. Methods vary slightly according to different set-ups, but modern kit usually provides software to help you get everything (literally on the same wavelength. The native media software on your computer should provide help too.


Check the TV is receiving information from the computer, then point it at the video you want to watch, sit back and enjoy the show. You should be able to tweak playback settings to fit the dimensions of your screen, plus change the audio configuration. Most dedicated media extender boxes come with a remote, but these also available separately for consoles.

Source : Stuff Magazine

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