How to Choose a Laptop Case

Ok, so this may be a hard one to decipher, but when choosing the right laptop case for your laptop, you want to make sure to get the best one. Your laptop is important to you. It can hold the important work files, school project, or it could be the portal to your private world (IE your journal). In any case, when you travel with your laptop you want to make sure that its fully protected.

Notebook Case

There are so many different brands and styles of notebook cases, you want to figure out what will work best for your laptop. Below, you’ll find the top notebook cases and laptop sleeves from brands such as Targus, Belkin, and Samsonite.

13″ Laptop Shoulder Bag

Tips for Choosing a Laptop Case

When you first start looking for a new laptop case, you want to shop around before you make your final choice. You want to make sure that you get the most for your money, and but jumping on the fist $50 bag you find, you may find something cheaper and/ or better later on that you wish you would have bought instead.

Consider your needs and where your laptop will be going. The more traveling that your laptop will be doing, the sturdier and more protective your laptop bag needs to be. Check for compartments. You may need to have an extra place for files, CDs, disks, AC adaptor, a mouse, or other computer accessories, so check to see if the bag has spare compartments for your accessories.

If you go to the gym before or after work, you may want to find a notebook case that has spare room to accommodate your gym clothes and accessories. You can find satchel laptop cases with extra room for other accessories. I have a backpack laptop case so that I can carry books and notebooks along with my laptop if I need to go to the library or a friend’s house to study. It makes for carrying easier because everything I need is in one bag, versus carrying a laptop case and separate book bag for my books and notebooks.

Recycle Laptop Bag

Picking out a Laptop Case

When choosing a bag for your notebook laptop, you want to consider whether your want to keep with an overall impression or appearance. For work, you may want to have a professional, business- type laptop case. If you’re into top clothing designers or top designers, in general, you may want to check out your favorite designers. Sometimes, they will create products other than the typical jeans and dress shirts. The same goes for designer handbag companies; they sometimes spread their wings a little and go for broke with items other than purses.

When traveling, if you like to have matching luggage, you may consider looking for a matching latop case. So, check out the company who manufactured your suitcase to see if they, also, manufactured a laptop case. And, again, shop around. This is the key. You may find a bargain laptop case that fits all of your traveling needs. So, don’t purchase the first case that jumps off the shelf.

Solar Powered Laptop Bag is highly useful

Things to Consider When Picking out a Laptop Case

  • Style: There are different types of laptop cases- metallic, backpack, messenger bags, totes, briefcases, and sleeves
  • Material: Depending how durable you want your laptop case to be, you will want to consider the different materials that they come in. Corduroy, vinyl, suede, cotton, and leather, are just a few of the popular choice. Choose lightweight and waterproof.
  • Padding: The more padding that the case has, the more likely that it will protect your laptop. The laptop sleeves, for instances, are more for looks than for protection.
  • Fasteners: You want to make sure that the laptop bag will close properly. You don’t want to be walking around and the fastener open up and let your laptop fall to the ground. Make sure that the case will secure your laptop inside. Choose cases with sturdy zippers.
  • Interior: Make sure that the interior of the case is spacious so to accommodate your laptop and any accessories that you may need to carry along. Make sure that your laptop fits properly, as well. If the laptop is too snug, it may pop the seems creating an insecure carrying case (see video below. Boy did not size the case appropriately and the laptop is a little too snug.)
  • External Pockets: Pockets are a great way to slip your cell phone, iPod, camera, and other accessories along for the ride.
  • Carrying Options: You want to make sure that you can carry the bag in more than one option. Some bags include hand straps and shoulder straps or hand straps and backpack straps.
  • Color: Maybe there’s a color that will better suit your. Most bags come in black or brown, but you can find bags with color accents or just different colors. This is completely personal choice, but maybe you want a black and a brown case to match whatever outfit you’re wearing. Accessorize.
  • Cost: Make sure to get the most for your buck by shopping around. Remember that just because the back cost you $100 or more, it doesn’t mean that it’s the best one for you or the most sturdy bag, but don’t go too cheap either. Price similar bags at different places to see what will work in your price range.

Workstation Laptop Bag

Laptop Sleeves

Laptop sleeves can be very appealing to the eye. They’re slender and more attractive overall. But you have to consider usefulness, durability, and security. Will you laptop be safe traveling in a notebook sleeve? For short runs, maybe. Long term probably not. These are cute cases that would be great for on the go, straight to the office, library, or study session. They come in a variety of colors and patterns.

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