Gaems suitcase makes Xbox 360 portable complete with display

You have to be a hardcore gamer to want to take your Xbox 360 with you on a vacation. I am sure there are a bunch of gamers out there who would want to do that though. For you the new Gaems Suitcase has been unveiled.

The thing is designed to hold an Xbox 360 game console making it portable. To let you play while you are on the road a 15-inch LCD is stuffed into the lid of the suitcase along with speakers so you can hear what it going on. That screen has a 720p resolution.

The suitcase design is not completed and how the thing works is still not completely decided. What we do know is that it has a power cord running to the outside of the case. Whether or not that cable is also able to provide power for the console is unknown. I hope it does considering there is only room enough inside the suitcase for the console itself. A separate bag will be offered to hold controllers. The suitcase price is pegged at $250 with launch set for Q4.

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