A Look At LED TVs Shedding Some Light

A Look At LED TVs Shedding Some Light

LED TVs are actually LCD models with a key difference: They emit light from white light-emitting diodes instead of CCFLS (cold cathode fluorescent lamps). LED-backlit TVs cost more than regular LCDs. but they combine the strengths of LCDs and pasmas while simultaneously going green.

LED TV Benefits

• Deeper, richer black levels than traditional LCD TVs
• Lifelike colors from an extended palette
• Remarkable even brightness
• Lower energy consumption and cooler operation than plasma fl/s

The Other LED

LED TVs aren’t the same as OLED (org anic LED) HDTVs, which use tiny colored solid-state devices to create a picture. And unlike OLEDs, LED TVs are available now.

Two LED Types

1. Edge-Lit LED TVs

• Use LEDs along the four edges of the screen where CCFLs traditionally reside
• A white panel behind the screen reflects the perimeter light to the viewer, as in a traditional LCD
• Edge-lit LED TVs can be made extremely thin

2. Full-Matrix LED TVs

• Backlight panels are loaded with LEDs
• This type of LED TV is more expensive, but its lighting is brighter and more even
• Full-matrix sets have local dimming (and powering down) capabilities, which let them turn on and off individual LEDs
• Local dimming allows deeper levels of blackness (better contrast) and richer detail in dark parts of the picture

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