Crysis 2 shows off “Nanosuit 2”


Forget that silly “Cash for Clunkers” program that the government is trying to push down our throats. What you need isn’t a new gas car but your own personal nanosuit. Luckily the folks at Crynet Systems have your back as they have just launched a new web site introducing their new “Nanosuit 2”

Yes you can check out the specs for the next version of the true “suit that makes the man”. Features like a coltan-titanium exoskelton, nanocircurity, an ionic electroactive polymer-based liquid armor and more are standard on the Nanosuit 2. The Crynet Systems web site has a full PDF broshure, videos and more info for all of your Nanosuit 2 need.

(Ok, it’s just a viral site for Crytek’s upcoming FPS Crysis 2 but it is pretty cool).


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